Quote that changed my life

April 26, 2007 10:34am CST
Its one of my hobbies to collect quotations. In my pursuit of collecting quotes I came across to such a quotation that changed my life forever. It is : ''If anything annoys you, ignore it. If anything is too much for you have nothing to do with it. If others seek to drive you go slowly and laugh at. Even should you be reduced to your last Sixpence remain cheerful and happy... PROVIDENCE watches over us and a lucky chance puts things right again''. I don't know who is the author of this quote but my life has never remained the same after I read it some 35 years ago. This quote is my ''Life-Mantra''. There are many of you friends whos life has changed by a simple word or a word spoken to encourage. Please come forward and share your experience in this forum. You all are welcome. Thanks.
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• India
26 Apr 07
Right now so many quotes flash in my mind, most of them are from the book " The Alchemist".The book has got awesome collection of quotes which we might feel it aptly applies to our life. "Evey event has its cause,and setbacks its reasons". This is the quote which I never forget. Every atom in the earth is dependent and interconnected.Every good deed we do will definitely have an effect later, atleast if not immediately. The same applies the otherwise also, a bad deed we do to others in some way or the other affects us immediately or later. Being innocuos is always safe.