Praise Pays

money bags - does a little praise go further than a small raise? which would you rather receive, a 10cent an hour raise or a smidgen of praise?
@Modestah (11192)
United States
April 26, 2007 10:57am CST
given the choice at work would you rather get a small monetary increase or praise. does the praise go further than a small amount of money?my husband would rather get the praise - his thinking is that it really helps the moralle and in turn his performance increases. When his performance increases the job is better done and gets in turn rewarded with a more substantial pay raise.
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@misheleen73 (6037)
• United States
27 Apr 07
Praise is always good, but my husband is the opposite. He thinks worth is shown by pay rate. If he gets a small pay increase, he will actually turn it down and say he is worth more. Believe it or not, he usually ends up getting a lot more by being the way he is. I always tell him he will end up fired, but he doesn't. They always seem to cave and give him more money.
@juls2me2 (2151)
• United States
26 Apr 07
Praise is good to keep you motivated to continue working, but the PAY raise speaks louder than the pat on the back.
• India
26 Apr 07
Actually money is one of the influential factors if other factors are not quite good. For eg, the role of that particular person, job profile, nature of job, etc. If one has a liking towards his job and his role, he will not move for a small pay raise. I would not leave current organization for a small pay raise. The raise has to be substantial to influence my decision.