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@missak (3311)
April 26, 2007 11:14am CST
What is better to be popular, to devolp yourself trying to fit usual ways of life and society good targets, or trying to be original and strange? Why the first case seems so correct by common sense and so incongruent by logic?
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@sukumar794 (5047)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
30 Apr 07
If you loads of currency in your money chest, it is easy for to become instantly popular. spend out the money on self publicity by all means . Do not be reluctant or afraid.. if you are ready to spend limitlessly there will be scores of so called admirers waiting at your doorstep to lift you up to delirious heights of popularity.But things will be shortlived !
@missak (3311)
• Spain
17 Jun 07
This is an unpopular answer lol... but I guess you are right.
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@JaySapani (257)
• India
21 Jun 07
To Be Popular One Should Remain Himself And Try Being Original.By Doing So You Might Take Some Time To Become Popular But You Will Have To Fit Yourself Trying To Be SomeOne Else And You Will Always Will Be At Ease.
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@bindishah (2062)
• India
4 May 07
Ive always tried to be different - its not so much trying but Ive always stuck to my opinions and ideas (if they r right) no matter what pressure im under. And this has infact helped gain popularity too. I think to be popular you just need to be yourself rather than constantly try to conform to society's perspective of things.
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• Philippines
27 Apr 07
Well being popular is something acheived when you have done something extra ordinary. And i think being original is something extraordinary. If you want to be original, just be yourself because god didn't created two people very similar. Everyone is unique in their own ways. They just have to know themselves better.
@Anniedup (3652)
• Richards Bay, South Africa
27 Apr 07
I smiled when I saw "original and strange" but I know what you mean:D I like to be original and have a very strong personality. I am open minded, and can communicate with all walks of life, even the eccentric people. To be popular was never my aim, but I must add, together with open mindedness and communication on all levels, I think it is inevitable that such a person will become popular.
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@winterose (39917)
• Canada
26 Apr 07
You really need to be a healthy bit of both, you don't want to be popular but for the wrong reasons. Many teenagers get into trouble because they want to be popular and fall into the wrong groups, like gangs that break the law. Trying to fit in can have it it's downfalls like that. the key is that you want to be liked of course, but for the right reasons, for the good person that you are, and if they people are are associating with don't understand that, then it is time to leave them and do your own thing. The big successes in business are often people who were not popular or followed the crowd but took a stand and did their own thing from the beginning. The followed their own path with there heart and soul took them.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
27 Apr 07
I found being myself and choosing my own values and lifesytles was the best. Then when I was happy with myself others could see this, and attention and popularity naturally drew itself to me... Without trying. I used to try so hard.. and it made me sick and weak, but when I started to be myself, and do my own thing it made me stronger, and I grew more, as I was doing more than copying others expectations for me. I was setting goals and expectations for myself. Many think the first is better due to the old saying... "when in rome do what the romans do" .. I however feel that yes do some of what the romans do but do not be a roman if you are not a roman. :) . - DNatureofDTrain
@meme0907 (3481)
• United States
17 May 08
Wow m, you worded that like a college professor-I think being popular is all in the way you carry yourself-beautiful,unattractive,rich,poor-it's all about attitude IMO +'s :)
@klaudyou (501)
19 Feb 08
To be popular... Well that's some hot problem nowadays. Going with rules and stuff? May be! Being different? How much? ....To be popular is first of all, to be natural: to talk, to act, to walk, to think, to live with no constraints, no fakery, true and authentic. This is not a problem, as you see, of being different or filling paterns, BUT this can be easily applied to the situation you're in. ...So! - sometimes you have to say something uncommon to be popular (with a non-conformist audience) - you have to act the normally expected way when you are in an official environment to be popular and somehow different when you are in a club (since the guys that come out of the crowd are popular there) -...and so on with walking, eating, having fun, thinking, living and others. (i acted naturally in this reply...hope you can notice i popular?)
• India
21 Jan 08
To be original and to make the best out of your life will make you popular if you are the best.The main thing is that you are not going to be popular by being something.You are going to be popular by doing something.So let your work speak for you and not your behaviour.
@Neriz69 (1042)
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
I'd rather be myself. Being myself requires me no effort. I don't want to pretend to be someone I'm not. I really don't care if I'll be popular or not. I just want me to be me. Take it or leave it. I want people to like me as me.