how old you have to be to drive

United States
April 26, 2007 11:19am CST
yesterday I was almost in a accident over a 15 year old with her mom. the mother said sorry she was just learning to drive. the real reason was that she was on the cell phone talking to someone. how old dose everyone think you should be before driveing. and do you think that there should be more laws to protect people from careless younger people
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@bda_rock (135)
• Bermuda
25 May 07
In my country you must be 18 to drive a car. There are too many idiots on the roads who can't walk and chew gum, so why do they think they can drive and talk on the phone. There should be laws where you are.
• Ireland
26 Apr 07
In Ireland, you have to be 16 years old before you can drive a car. Accidents can happen anyone regardless of age. Putting the age up to 20 or 25 years will not make a difference. Only two weeks ago a girl about 25 years of age with her full licence crashed into the back of my car because she wasn't minding the traffic and tried to catch up and ended up going to quick and went into me. I see people 20/30/50/60 years of age, some are great, very careful drivers, others are the worst, don't watch out in traffic and are too busy trying to do something else. It doesnt matter on age.
• Canada
26 Apr 07
In our area if something like this had happened the mother of the 15 year old would have been charged as it is illegal in our area to have a 15 year old behind the wheel . You have to be at least 16 and have your beginners and then most people start their children on dirt roads that are not used much so there is less risk of running into someone or even having them practice on the driveway until they are more comfortable behind the wheel . Anyone careless enough to teach their daughter to drive at such an early age and to let them use a cell phone or even to use one themselves while teaching should be chraged , this is how accidents happen . Learning to drive is a big responsibility on the part of the one teaching the child to drive . You have to teach them responsibly , not only for their safety but for the safety for everyone on the road .