greenday vs oasis

April 26, 2007 11:45am CST
what a nice song created by mixing greenday and oasis! great music to hear over and over again!
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• United States
26 Apr 07
Greenday is a really good band. I havn't heard about this new song tho thanks for sharing. Could you tell me the name of the song please. Thanks
• United States
26 Apr 07
I know the song you're talking about... Iused to hear it on the radie about a year to two years ago... don't hear it anymore. Boulivard of Broken Dreams is what you're talking about, right? They didn't make it together... it was two different songs pieced together, but it also had Aerosmith and Eminem and the end from when they had Sing for the Moment pieced together.
18 May 07
greenday is the best punk rock group ever.. did you see the Bullet in the Bible tour? They revolutionized the punk rock scene..
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
Cool, this must really be great song. Thanks for sharing, another one to add my list. Please share more of your chosen songs. Glad to have you here idol. By the way, guys here are playing celesPT. Im still waitin for 2moons though.
@0utl00k (48)
• United States
26 Apr 07
I know greeday is a great band, I listen to them when ever im doing work and it is great. I haven't really listend to any of oasis's music, but Id like to listen.