Politicians' Commercials, why I hate

April 26, 2007 12:46pm CST
Shallow as it is, I have to admit that there were candidates who I learned to hate due to how they advertised themselves on TV. Candidates who I used to respect and have good opinion on suddenly becoming targets of my contempt. It's not so much that I delegated them on the bottom of my list on election, I *might* still vote for them. Rather, I just suddenly have the desire to criticize their nonsensical way of selling themselves. Manny Villar, for example, one person who I admired since Erap's impeachment, stooped so low in his ad where he went dancing with kids and selling shrimps. Honestly. For a distinguished personality and also a multi-millionaire, it isn't a pleasing sight. Then there are also those candidates who I hated since the beginning and learned to hate even more. Take Tessie Oreta's apology. Teary-eyed and voice breaking, she appealed to the heart of those whom she aggrieved. Fortunately, people remember GMA's apology on the past election too well to believe. Another is Pichay. The guy who once made a proposal to abolish senate and establish parliament now running in senate. "Pangarap kong tuparin ang mga pangarap mo..." Pangarap my foot! Unfortunately for us, this phrase seemed to reverberate everywhere, even on text jokes. Bad publicity is after all, still publicity. The name recall will help a lot. Really sad. There's a lot I want to mention, but I wouldn't want to use this post to whine and voice out my frustration. Rather, I would want to hear yours. It feels good to know that there are a lot of people who share the same opinion.
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@joycer (498)
• Sri Lanka
7 May 07
Just to be fair with Manny Villar, his commercial showed the real Manny Villar. I have read his autobiography. Her mother is seafood dealer. And he helps in their business, etc. He has the "sipag at tiyaga". I have heard good stories about him too. He is from rags to riches. I am not endorsing him, but he's got my one vote. Aside from him I don't like the rest. The one I hate most is the dancing Queen tv commercial. Really, a bad publicity.
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• Philippines
7 May 07
I have also heard of Manny Villar's story. I'm just peeved at the bad dance steps and stuff. Yeah, TAO's apology was one of the worst. She should have just stayed quiet about it and people would have forgotten it. But no, she has to remind the filipino nation again of her misdemeanors in the past.