i can't seem to find epiphone dealers in the philippines, why?

April 26, 2007 12:52pm CST
Personally, i find the range of electric guitars available here in the Philippines to be very limited. Sure there are many brands avalable in yupangco and jb music stores, but since im just a student, i can't afford high end guitars. But i still want a guitar with a bit of pedigree. Those guitars within my price range which i have played are Squier and Epiphone. I was aiming for a Squier '51 coz i watched a demo in youtube and i liked how it souds. Its too bad they've stopped production of this guitar, so i have to choose from other Squier guitars, of which i have my doubts in terms of quality. But on the other hand, i got the pleasure of actually playing an epiphone les paul and i really liked it. I liked it so much that it made me try to compare prices and search its availability. To my despair, i couldn't find one. I was wondering why there aren't any Gibson delers here. My friends were looking for an epiphone. But since it's a hassle to buy it overseas, one of them bought a squier and the other one with a fatter bank account got a Fender lite ash tele. An Epiphone in my arsenal could be a really big leap forwards from my present state, in my opinion. I wish to replace my mongrel abused strat copy with an Epiphone les paul studio. But for now, i just practice.
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@nahtan09 (140)
• Philippines
8 Apr 12
I've been seeing some epiphones at Lazer stores.. you should try checkin' out.
• Philippines
4 Nov 10
Dude, if you're from cebu I know a really good Luthier in Lapu-Lapu. This guy is awesome he can make copies if Startocasters, Telecasters, Superstarts, Les Paul's and even custom-ed ones. The great thing is he doesn't really charge that much and you get to choose the types of wood that you wanna use.