Who do you think is fast? Rock Lee or Sasuke?

@reaperz (1266)
United States
April 26, 2007 2:17pm CST
I think that Sasuke is faster, all because of his sharigan. Who do you think is faster?
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@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
17 Sep 09
This is easy, remember the 8 gates? When one masters or opens all those gates they can even surpass a Hokage... That's according to Gai though...
@calakarak (154)
• Australia
2 May 07
rock lee definately. lee trains with weights and is still real fast. when he takes them off...forget about it
• Philippines
2 May 07
rock lee is faster.
@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
1 May 07
With sharingan Sasuke probably is faster, although without I guess that Lee would have the upper hand when it comes to speed.
@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
1 May 07
I don't know. I think Rock Lee is faster. Rock Lee always trained hard to get where he is right now, without using Sharingan. And I think he is faster. We'll find out if both fights.