WILL you still regard an adopted child as your own fully?

@lankie (478)
April 26, 2007 2:29pm CST
Very often parents take sides .When an orphan is adopted , can he get a full happy life as he expected in a family which has no blood connection with him?Did your actual children give a different look at their adopted brother or sister? The point is how to keep an harmony on your family mixture in a most successful way.
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
20 May 07
I don't have an adopted child yet, but I do consider it a possibility in the future, if my husband and I ever decide we want another child (we have one child already). My thoughts on this issue stem from my own childhood: my blood relations abused me horribly. However, over the years I have had some really wonderful friends who have been kind to me. So the idea of blood equalling love is something I just can't grasp. So the idea that an adopted child would be less loved is just unfathomable to me, because I love my chosen family (my friends) far more than my blood family (parents, etc). So I can't see why I couldn't love an adopted child just as much as my child by blood.
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@cf1016 (227)
• China
18 May 07
i think it is also the piont is how to keep an harmony on your family mixture,well :)
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• Philippines
17 May 07
this is the main idea of an adoption. that the child will be considered by the adoptive parents just like their own. the adopted child will therefore, receive as much attention, love and discipline as the couples' natural children. if they cannot provide this, they'd better not opt for adopting any child at all. the natural children can adjust to the presence of the adopted child and treat her/him as a real sibling, if the parents will take some effort that this level shall be achieved within the family.
• Trinidad And Tobago
7 Mar 08
It depends on the family that takes him/her in. I was bounced around alot so from experience only children who are adopted at birth or within the 18months of it's life doesn't question his role in the family. Looking differnt is always a problem, it says from the on start that you don't belong. Some homes are loving & you never see the differences, when it's pointed out you are in shock & then some people adopt for the wrong reasons & you know you are difference. People who adopt kids just for loving them turn out the best kids. Their commitment to the kids are real so without the blood connection there's a stronger connection.
@maheksaj (117)
4 Sep 07
yes its true that an adopted child and a blood relation does have a difference but if u decide on forgetting the path that u adopted the child and he is not the one which is urs then only you can do justice to that baby and when u know there is nobody other than that baby then why not give the best to the baby
@aprilten (1977)
• Philippines
4 Sep 07
why adopt a child if you will not treat him like your very own. that's the very essence of adoption, making ths child feel fully your own. that's why institutions are very strict before they allow you to adopt a child. they make you choose the child you want to adopt. they will investigate the financial condition you're in. they give you time to think things over. and i don't know what other test they would make the prospective adoptive parents undergo. of course, they want to make sure that these people are serious in adopting a child. that they have the capability and psychological readiness for having a child. so, if a person thinks that he can't fully love a child he plans to adopt then i think he should stop before he makes the life of a child more miserable than it already is .