Have You Had An Epiphany lately?

@Hart57 (359)
United States
April 26, 2007 2:50pm CST
My "American Century Dictionary" defines epiphany thusly: A moment of striking personal realization or insight. Have you had one lately? Or how about in the last month or so? Will you share it? I had one about myLot recently. It may seem like common sense, but, for me, it qualifies as an epiphany (it really is a subjective term, no?) Anyway, what I have come to realize is that, in order to draw a significant amount of responses to discussions, one has to first earn a reputation on myLot among a significant amount of friends. You can post discussions that are immensely thought-provoking, but if you do not have a base of loyal friends, you will not garner that many responses. It requires patience and perserverance. What are your thoughts?
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