Who has trouble getting there children to sleep?

United States
April 26, 2007 7:46pm CST
I have two boys they are five years apart one is almost eight the other three the one that is eight used to go to bed with all ease but now that he sees that his brother is not in bed and he is giving me a hard time but I have did what the doctor told me about establishing a bed time and he still will not go (the three year old) my other son will end up sleep before him even though he tries to fight his sleep.
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• Canada
27 Apr 07
I have the same problem with my younger children as well . My three year old was always easy to put down to bed and even when she was really tiny she put herself on a shcedule where she was easy to put down for naps and easy to put to bed but when her sister was born she has always been a fighter about going for naps and bedtime . Because of this my older daugher became harder and harder to put down for bedtime and quit having her naps because she couldn't sleep with her baby sister crying . Now it is often hard to get them down for bedtime and even though I try to keep a regualar sechedule it does not always work . I have found the best thing to get them down is to read to them before bed and to make sure there is plenty of time to get them down .