I HATED Chicago

April 26, 2007 8:43pm CST
I am a good ole southern girl I suppose. I lived in Chicago after my husband convinced me it was agreat place to raise our kids. We lived in the 'burbs and it was horrible. People are rude and pushy. People dont offer to lend a hand without getting something in return. I hated the cold. Seriously it was not tolerable. I was very depressed and never wanted to go outside in the winter. I have lived in the warm climate pretty much all my life so it was a major change. I truly appreciate southern hospitality!
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@milkymoon (119)
• United States
6 Jun 07
Yeah, I'm pretty new to Chicago myself. People really are rude and unpleasant here. A classmate of mine took a camcorder and stood in the middle of the street in downtown Chicago and recorded pedestrians walking by. It's funny because NO ONE looks up to see why she's holding a camcorder and recording them and NO ONE makes eye contact with ANYONE else. But... I still like it here. I guess I just like living in the city. Although my favorite place is always going to be California. Chicago doesn't even compare!
• United States
27 Apr 07
I grew up in Chicago and then moved to the south. I think both places have their pros and cons. I love the shopping, the lights, the sounds, and all the things to do in Chicago. I love the Chicago Bears. Like you, I hate the cold, and Chicago definitely gets COLD. They don't call it the Windy City for nothing. :o) Like anywhere else there are good people and bad people up north and down south. The southern hospitality is nice, but it took me a while to get used to everyone waving at me. Now, I wave all the time and when I'm in Chicago for a visit, I'm still in the habit of waving and everybody thinks I'm nuts, LOL.