There is more life has to offer us than we ever imagine!

April 26, 2007 11:29pm CST
Most people think that oftentimes life is unfair. The unfairness of life is manifested in every situation we are in. I, for one sometimes see the unfairness of life in my work, in the place I am now present, and in the people I work with. But when as I ponder and reflect about this circumstances it is in the unfairness of this life that brings color to my days(call it absurd and brutal for me!).It is this unfairness in life that God speaks and caresses me in a bitter-sweet embrace of His Divine Love. It is in the unfairness of people that surrounds me that molds me to be strong and prayerful. It is in the harshness of life that I feel my God is molding me to become a better person and to embrace the hardship of life with joy and peace. Life indeed is such a bitter-sweet experience but this experiences we encounter in life gives more color to life itself. The bitterness of life if we just try to see it with optimism and faith allows us to appreciate the sweetness of it. The sweetness of life allows us to appreciate and accept the bitterness on the other side. When we are not satisfied with our work or people seems so indifferent and arrogant think that this very people and situation we are into are blessing to us for it stretches our hearts to become patient and kindhearted to other people because the unfairness of life has thought us a lot.
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@akinad (448)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
yes i agree with certainly brings a lot of sorrows,anxiety and bitterness but on the otherhand those things are what makes us true people..these is what makes us more human..a life without troubles is not life after all!in doubts we learn to have sorrow,we learn that there are a lot of people that loves us..situations like that are just blessings in disguise don't you're really right in saying that things like that stretches our hearts...and i guess it's just GOD's way of teaching us how to live life and how to become better despite of the circumstances HE's given us...