At mylot, what discussion you found yourself responding more?

April 27, 2007 12:32am CST
I am already about 4 weeks here in mylot. So far i have already done 100+ responses in discussion, and almost 3/4 of those responses were from Food/cooking categories. Maybe i just love foods than anything. How about you? What kind of discussion in your interest you found yourself responding more?
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• Philippines
30 Apr 07
I usually answer to discussions I found an affinity with. And I have a constructive response to it. I mean, I agree with some that says, if you have nothing to say or contribute, than don't. Because, it's hard really when you don't know or have no clue about the topic presented. It's like not giving the due credit to the writer. So for me it's more on affinity to the topics presented. Have a great day Luannemay! (^^,)
@scapula (760)
• Jordan
28 Apr 07
I start discussions from different interests so I can distribute all earning along my interests, ok I know that not important, but I think it will help to get more responses, I like to post in making money and earning stuffs, and things related to computer and internet. Also I like to post and answer in LOVE and LIFE interest I like these two categories very much.
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@iszo07 (473)
• Malaysia
27 Apr 07
The thing I like about MyLot is you can discuss about anything you like or even don't like! At first, I though I was just going to comment/discuss on the things I preferred i.e like topics on soccer, web design, internet, make money online etc. Then I realize I just get hook with this s**t that I can discuss about something I dont really talk much about! Sometimes, the ideas to comment just popped out of my head just like that..:) Now, give me more to comment about!..:)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
hmmm...Sometimes i feel like doing that also but i realized if i will comment on something i dont like, it would be a waste of my time, and i also think that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If i found myself disagreeing, i just dont response to it and leave as it is. We are here to discuss and comment on public and personal interest, why not make it enjoying? Just my point of view
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
if its a life threatening situation , i will probably respond, if not i will just leave it as it is ;-)
@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
8 May 07
I'm a very curious person, and so I usually respond to many kinds of subjects.... I can't cook well, and yet I respondend to some discussions about this subjects, as I'm Italian, I spoke about typical Italian products, as pasta, pizza, bread, olive oil, etc. My favourite subjects are art - my favourite hobby is drawing and paingint - music, religion, politics, gossip, jokes, and more. On myLot you can find the "world", there is everything here, you have only to surf among hundreds, thousands of profiles....