Some Will Go the extra mile

April 27, 2007 3:01am CST
Unlike most people,Marty O'Brien loves long car trips.In fact,he often tries to make them longer. Marty is a member of the Extra Miler Club.His goal is to vissit every one of the 3.145 counties in the United States.So far,he has visited 1.441."L look for new places to go." That's the philosophy of the people in the Extra Miler Club.The club began in 1973,and it now has 207 members.twelve of these members have even traveled by seaplano to get to counties in Alaska that are hard to reach .Some others have even to every state. Roy Carson is one one the of people who started the club.In 1985 he traveled to his last county.but he didn't take any photographson histrips.So now he is trying again.This time he is taking photographs of himself in front of each county sign.So far,he has covered 538,427 miles." It's just as much fun the second time around,but it's a lot more expensive,"he says.Gas cost just 39 cents a gallon when he first started-in 1949.
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