love triangle

April 27, 2007 3:31am CST
one of my friends love triangle is such that he loves two girls and guess what both of them love him too. i don think how he managed two when we r not able to just talk with one. i tried lots of time but i was not able to make any one. so here's one question for girl gang to tell me some tips to make girls impressive on me and,here's a good deal you help me with girls and i'l help you anytime with boys..
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• India
27 Apr 07
well thats quite a great achievement. As you rightly said we are not able to just talk to one and here he is having two. Wonder he just manages the two of them. And whats more he has a great luck with him as both the girls love him too. I just wish i could also find someone who would love me too. Hats of to your friend buudy.