Is there anyone from ur circle that u take as role model?

April 27, 2007 5:06am CST
Hey pals! People have actor, saints, politions models, sportsmen, etc etc as role models. But apart from that do u have any person in ur close circle you would like to become? To be like him or her? Like I had a teacher in my high school who never used to get angry and was having good knowledge of many a subjects apart from her subject and I still have a strong desire to be like her. Tell me about ur "Local" role models.
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@bruxedo (773)
• France
27 Apr 07
As you say you would like to be as your teacher in those specific subjects It's what I think.. in some values I would like to be as my sister, in other values I would like to be as some of my friends, as a teacher I envy some colleges. So it's hard for me to tell I have a role model, I think I have lots of role models..
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• Ireland
27 Apr 07
Ya u always have lots of them. And u can post about all of them. Have fun.