Rushing to get married

April 27, 2007 5:51am CST
I actually never post my personal problem online, but this thing keeps on bugging me and I just dont know what to do. My very close best friend is gonna get married in a few months ahead. I must admit, I envy her SO BAD! I am in a serious relationship right now and so ready to get married and I want it A.S.A.P! Because I want to have children while I'm still young and have enough time to take care of them. The longer I wait, the higher position I'll get at work, the lesser time I have. But things dont go as I want them to be. I dont have any choice rather than to wait! And you know, I dont want to wait. I have talked about this to my bf, and he understood my feelings as he thought the same way. Our savings are still not enough to fund a wedding. You know, wedding is expensive, the catering, the building, the wedding singer, the invitation card etc etc (and the lists goes on) and I dont want to burden my parents about money. This is the first time for me being unable to do anything. I always get what I want, ever since I was a child, and this has become such a burden to me. I am so stressed! I hope God is planning something good for me..what should I do to calm my self down? Please help..
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@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
28 Aug 11
wow...your ambition is good...Our religion instruct us to get married as soon as possible if we had been mature and ready for getting married.. Your aim is good..the discussion was hold 5 years old..i do hope now you had married as your aim with your "boyfriend".. i just concern your comment about how expensive the wedding cost in our country...s sometimes it make us confuse and easily angry...even iam unmarried i know it... iam moslem and same like you, iam indonesian
• Malaysia
28 Sep 08
i've few advice before u get married..maybe u can think about it a little: 1)r u really ready,put aside people around u,ask urself 2)is ur financial status really can support u?ur husband?marrige really it's not depend 100% to love and's way beyond our imagination 3)make sure no problems on both side,and both side family,meas all agree,really u dont want to involve in family's annoiying 4)r u ready to take all responsible? it's a big task... so if all is yes..pls...and goodluck