Has Family Guy's Randomness Gotten Out of Hand?

April 27, 2007 6:49am CST
After the 4th season of Family Guy the show got a bit... random... In your opinion should they continue being as random as they are being or change it back to how the show was in seasons 1, 2 & 3?
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• United States
28 Apr 07
You know, I think the randomness of the show has been a bit wild as of late. The randomness was good, but there was a lot of topical and specific humor that had something to do with an issue we could get in... There is a bit more of the "OMG" factor with the show. I think they are trying too hard to shock people, much like South Park or, another example from the music business, Eminem, by just saying things that they know will get to people without staying somewhat within a story or episode. It's not a terrible show, and they do make me laugh, but there was something poignant about the first few seasons that I feel is missing sometimes in these new episodes.
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27 Apr 07
oh its family guy its being its own show buy like oh my god how random can u get but with out the randomenes it would just be another stupid cartoon the randomnes makes it different
• Australia
27 Apr 07
but dnt u think thre is a limit of randomness? im not sayin the shows crap now but thre is tht element tht is makin the show jst strange now