What is the one thing you're glad you inherited from your parents?

United States
April 27, 2007 8:46am CST
Well the discussion I started on the things you're glad that you didn't inherit from your parents seemed to interest everyone, so I figured I would start one on the things you are glad to have inherited. I am glad I inherited my mother's kindness. She would give you the shirt off your back if she had to. Okay, your turn.
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27 Apr 07
My mother is a serious hard worker with a lot of determination and I have definately inherited it from her. We can do 16 hour shifts without a break of hardwork and we don't complain. We have went though form living in poverty and having nothing to h aving what we want. We're not millionairs or anything but we are very comfortable so I am glad I have inherited that from her. She is a fantastic role-model.
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• Malaysia
27 Apr 07
haha.. i'm glad i inherited my mother straight forward attitude.. i don't like to lie.. i find that it is very difficult to lie.. and i don't know why must i lie? first, lying will give me more sin.. and second.. it won't do me any good but to make others hate me more.. erm.. besides that.. i am also glad that i inherited my unique look.. from both of my parents i guess.. people say that i have unique look.. and i'm really happy about it.. i think not many have such a look.. haha.. i know it might look pretty common in your eyes.. but.. as long as i feel it's unique.. it will forever be :)