Story of stamps

April 27, 2007 11:43am CST
In a discussion started, I have compared the similarities with postman and God. But do you know the story of stamps. It started due to an incident occurred some 200 years ago. There was an old lady in a village . At that time the procedure for delivery of letter was that the fees for delivery will be collected from the addressee.If the article is not taken by the addessee, no fee will be collected The postman of the area used to come once a month to the home of the lady for delivering one letter. But each time, the postman came, the lady will refuse to accept the letter. Once the postman asked, ' This person is sending atleast one letter in a month and you are always refusing to accept the same. Who is he and why he is sending letter even if you refuse the same' The old lady answered " Please open that letter" The postman did the same. Astonishingly he could see that nothing is written in the said letter. The old lady explained " The sender of the letter is my son and he is working in Army. I do not know reading or writing. But my son is sending the letter only to inform me that he is OK. As and when the letter comes, I understand this. Then why should I spend money to collect the same and hence Iam refusing the letter always It is said that the postal authorities began to thing about advance collection of fees for delivery hearing this incident and thus postage stamp was found out.
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