Do you let people know?

@lisado (1230)
United States
April 27, 2007 12:07pm CST
When you see someone on the street with a tail light or head light out do you tell them? I don't mean stalk them to their next stop, but if you stop next to them at a red light, or see them in a parking lot that you happen to be in, do you say anything or assume they already know and say nothing? My husband thinks I'm nuts but I tell people when they have a brake light or something out. It's something you're SUPPOSED to check every time to get behind the wheel of your car, make sure all lights are operational, but I don't know of anyone that really does. I've never had anyone get snotty with me for telling them and they are usually thankful since police love to pull people over for that kind of thing here. They also, at least 9 out of 10, had no idea the light was out. I was just curious if anyone else did this or not?
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