do you belive that America is trying to take over the WORLD?

October 21, 2006 4:25am CST
i do and i think thats why there is all these terorist attacks. and because john howard& tony blair are kissing George Bush bumb they want to get the us aussies and the poms
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@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
22 Feb 07
No I don't think that they are really trying to take over the world, but they have had some Presidents who are possibly not the best. However, I also say that no US President is worse than some of the despots who rule other countries, so it is a case of take the good with the bad. Australia has traditionally been involved in most conflicts that both the USA and UK have been. Just going back there was the Boer War, then WWI and WWII with the UK, although in those days we were not all that independent from the UK and the British Empire was still a major part of our life. However they we had troops in Korea for a few years in the 1950's and that was the USA and the UN as well were there trying to protect the South Koreans. At the same time we had troops in the Suez Canal as well, UK again this time. From here it was Malay/Borneo Confrontation, and the UK was involved there. At that time in the late 1950's and 1960's, we were still part of the Commonwealth of Nations and a number of those countries were also part of the Commonwealth. Those countries subsequently merged to become Malaysia as we know it now. Then there was Vietnam, which was again the USA and also NZ too. Then Bosnia and Croatia and a few more places like that but as part of the UN forces. Gulf War I (1990 - ) as part of the UN blockade as well as to invasion of Kuwait. There are other places like Cyprus, Uganda and other smaller countries like that throughout all of these years. These were as part of a UN contingent, but generally either the UK or USA had troops there as well. So, you see our military history is very much tied up with these two countries and has been for well over a century now. You do have to remember that there are also troops from other countries in Iraq, however we do not hear a lot about them, unless of course something happens. At the same time remember that we also have troops on the Solomon Islands and the New Zealanders are there with us to try and bring peace to that nation. Australia is an island state and that does make us vulnerable in certain aspects, should anyone decide they want to come here. It has been clearly shown by the number of illegals that tried to enter this country a few years ago that people do want to come here. We do need allies and friends in this world, and the ones who will help us out should it be needed are the USA and probably the UK, although the poms throughout history have not shown that they will sacrifice much for us. On the other hand military history has shown that they are prepared to sacrifice us, if it suits them. I do not believe that we are at risk because we are in Iraq anymore than anyone else. At the same time I do have to say that the USA is doing what they United Nations should be doing, but are not. The UN are supposed to be the world policemen, but they are not doing a very good job at it in my opinion. In fact as has been shown by what happened when the tsunami hit SE Asia a couple of years ago, many nations were in there helping long before the UN got their act together. The other thing is that it is wrong to use the term America because the Americans are actually deeply divided about their involvement in Iraq, just as they are about their feelings for President Bush. Saying "America" as a whole unit is the same as saying that all Australians are from convict stock. :)