Has alcoholism ruined your family?

United States
April 27, 2007 2:40pm CST
I come from a long line of alcoholics. Alcoholism has completely ruined my family. My mother used to be an alcoholic, my childhood was pure hell. She has been clean and sober now for about 14 years. My father who was never around was the same way, the doctors' at one point actually told him if he continued to drink the way he was he would be dead in six months. My mother of course remarried a man she met in a bar, so needless to say he is an alcoholic, he has totally ruined my life as well as my brother's and that's not saying all the horrible things he has done to my mother. When he drinks he becomes mean and is abusive both mentally and physically. My brother and I had to endure all this abuse while growing up, it's probably why we both made a mess of our life given our examples. My grandfather is exactly the same, he is mentally abusive, and has drank so much it has literally made him crazy. He took a hammer one time and literally walked through the house and beat holes in all the walls. They have a digital cable box and if there is a message there is a red light that lights up, well he thinks that's a camera that the cable company installed to watch him whenever they want. Completely crazy. So, from what I have told you, which isn't the half of it, You can see that alcoholism has completely destroyed my family.. This is why I do not drink, ever! So what has alcohol done for you?
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