Do you ever get tired of handing out chores??

@AnnaB87 (761)
United States
April 27, 2007 3:03pm CST
I mean do you ever get tired of writing out chore list for your children? Or do you not write out lists? I write out chore lists because I have five children, and I think that all of them should do something everyday. So I give them all some chores depending on their ages and what needs to get done will determine what their chores are. My kids think I am just mean and like to give them lists. To do. But I don't give them a lot, not really. I tell them that if they make a mess then they have to clean it up. I also tell them everyday when they get up they have to make their beds and clean up their areas. (this means put their stuff away neatly) Then I will have one sweep, one vaccum, one do dishes, one put away dishes, and everyone basically gets something to straighten up if needed. There is really not a lot of chores to do in here at all. No more than a total of fifteen to twenty minutes worth if everyone works quickly and together, but because they don't want to do more than they think they should a lot of time is wasted reminding them that yes it is important for the house to be clean, neat and orderly. I am so tired some days of trying to make everyone do what they should, does anyone else ever feel like they are talking to the wall when they tell their children it is time to clean up, and that the house has to be cleaned up before we go any place? It is good to clean the house before going on a trip right? I keep telling my kids that if they help keep the house clean, and if we clean the house well before going on a trip then when we get back the house will be ready for us to relax. What do you think? Am I just too mean?
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@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
27 Apr 07
No, I think you're not being mean. Being a mother is a tough job! I know what you're going through. I have three kids, but only the two older ones are really helping me around the house. The youngest is only three years old. I don't list down their responsibilities. I tell them to do the same thing everyday, and eventually, they have memorized the things they need to do. You know, I always tell them that giving them responsibilities is a way of training them to become independent people. When they grow up and live on their own, they will not become so helpless and unable to do simple chores for themselves. I have given them examples of people who were never given the chance to learn to do things in the house by themselves. They see that most of these people cannot survive without a househelp. And it's so sad, because sometimes they can't even cook a single meal even just for themselves. Kids will always be kids. As long as you take their time away from play, they will think you are mean. But believe me, as they grow up, they will eventually realize the value of all the things you teach them. I realized it myself! If my mom didn't train me, I would have become a helpless woman who can't do anything for myself, and for my own children!
@AnnaB87 (761)
• United States
28 Apr 07
That is what i keep telling my kids. That they have to learn how to do things so they will learn how. Because if they don't learn how then that will cause a problem for them as they get older. Maybe one of these days they will appreciate learning how to do things the right way.