Let's celebrate life!

April 27, 2007 5:35pm CST
Life is a gift from God and therefore so precious that it should be protected from the very beginning of conception to its ultimate end. Life for me as a person is a daily celebration that I understand in the context of my Christian vocation. Indeed it is a celebration for me of joy, sorrow and glory. A celebration of joy every time I heard a new born baby cry, every time I see two people share their love in marriage, every time I meet new friends and every time I am able to forgive those who have wronged me. A celebration of sorrow every time I see sufferings in our midst, every time when seems evil surrounds me, every time I feel alone in my struggle for peace, justice and human equality and every time I feel I am abandoned by friends and family, but it is also a celebration of glory knowing that everything in this world is just a passing moment, a journey with its sideshows and allurements that I have to face and struggle with as I move on towards the real homeland for me in the Heavenly kingdom this I hope and believe as a person of faith. I always reflect daily on the meaning and sacredness of life. Let's celebrate life!
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