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@ilenna (40)
April 27, 2007 11:48pm CST
to start with, i am a doting mother of four, and just got jobless the past month finishing contract with the company. i never wanted to be idle, but because of age, was so difficult for me to find another job that has no age limit. so difficult to let both ends meet, everyday subsistence, bills, and all those stuffs. luckily enough, i went on training for a week and hopefully next week, God willing, i might be in, leaving me to a very difficult decision to make......that to relocate to manila. at the moment i am weighing things over. i would appreciate much if you could help me with this decision. please feel free, i need some advises.....thanks in advance.
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@lucas528 (324)
• Northern Mariana Islands
28 Apr 07
Just think of a word sacrifice. it will help you decide. me, i am a filipino working outside the Phils. I dont wanna do this but I have to. For my family: my father and mother. I want to have a family on my own but I can't because I can't afford it. That is why I am doin everything I can to earn money. i am working full time the whole day and working parttime in my house doing online business.
@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
That's really quite a dilemma because it really leaves you not much choice. I understand you badly need that job in Manila (if ever) to support your family, at the same time, it means being far away from your children. I presume your children are no longer toddlers, and therefore can take care of themselves, or at least you have older people in the house you can leave your children with. Imagine if you take that job in Manila, can your children manage without you? If the answer is yes, and there's no other job available in the city you are in,then I guess you have no other option except to take that job. What about your husband? Can you both make the decision so as not to jeopardize your children's welfare? After exhausting all possibilities, I guess your next best option is to give that job in Manila a try. . who knows it might open another door of opportunities for you and your family.