Racism issues against Bruce by 2 Slovenian Housemates

@dineskie (155)
April 28, 2007 2:27am CST
HAve you heard the actual story behind these? If anyone knows what the two Slovenian housemates commented about Bruce or the Philippines.. can you share it in this forum? I really felt bad when I heard that there had been racism issues there in Slovenia against Bruce because I don't think Bruce had done something wrong. Or maybe the treatment Filipinos give to foreigners are not just the same with other countries. Because the Pinoy housemates had really been so nice to Tina and there hadn't be issues pointed out against her. I really don't know the real story behind this though but today Big Brother in Slovenia will punish the 2 Slovenian housemates for giving a Racism comment to Bruce.
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• Philippines
28 Apr 07
It happened when Bruce was outside building a snowman with Sonja (remember the episode wherein Bruce was surprised with the snow that bigbrother gave to him?). PERO told ALEN to ask Bruce to dip his fingers on his milk, then he can have chocolate or something like that. Then MIJA said something like "Let's go jacuzzi but don't let Bruce step on the water or it will turn brown".. ....That was actually a joke, a BAD JOKE though. Many slovenians got mad with that attitude of MIHA and PERO.. They (slovenian viewers) then wrote letters to the Big Brother Slovenia demanding an immediate action. That