2,000 New Members in Less Than 24 Hours???

Brunei Darussalam
April 28, 2007 3:33am CST
NO..not a record set by one of myLot's members referring effort. But, that's the approximate total number of people that have joined the myLot community since the last 12 hours approximately. I just made a post quoting myLot member population at slightly above 87,000 at about that time, that is just before I go to sleep. I was very surprised to see the member population has risen to 89,352 when I login today. Seems like this website is growing at a rapid pace. Also, I find the myLot website quite slow this afternoon, which is really annoying for me. Or does it happen only at this time, everyday? I don't know cos I just joined the day before. Could this be related to the influx of new members? If that is so, I think it's time for myLot to upgrade its servers to higher bandwidths to meet the increase the usage of this site. I hope somehow my feedback here gets its way to the administrators of myLot. It would be sad for myLot to be growing in popularity only to see its website performance deteriorates.
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