i have not spoken to my husband in over a week.

United States
April 28, 2007 6:53am CST
Last week I came home from work he was not home because he had an appointment, when he came home he started acting like he had a bad day and I understand that, but so did I. I try not to bring my problems from work at home but why should he come home and take it out on me? If there is a problem why not talk about it he is not the only one under stress, you see I'm the only one working right now he is on disability I know its frustrating but give me a break. life goes on regardless, I keep telling him I'm not going to stand for that I'm sick and tired of it. Anyhow today is his birthday, should I forget about it and wish him Happy Birthday?
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• Canada
29 Apr 07
you should either divorce the guy or quit being so selfish. would you rather he complain to you about his day or go behind your back and complain to some other chick and get comfort from her. when you're married, you should be able to voice your concerns and complaints to your partner.
• United States
2 May 07
And I quite understand what you are saying, but you don't understand what I'm saying I sure don't mind he coming and talking to me about his day, but when he comes in the house and and looking for arguement, now that's a different story. and I don't think I'm been selfish at all, I'm the only income in the house right now and knowing that I'm about to be a displaced employee, because my job will be out source to India in a month after been on a job for so long, I'm the one that should be stressed. Don't you think?