time managment

April 28, 2007 7:17am CST
hi, its a keyword that give a men that,s told that a man told that i have no time i am so busy men that could be worng if people use time managment and it is a good wealth. because person who loss money or any precious things gets return in a life but person never gets its time which spoil or spent in a bed thing. in a conuntry like india where peoples are not working very oftenly lifetime but they are worknig between age of 25 to 50 only and they are also do not use of its full time to do work but it spend more and more time in discussion of subjects like politics and sports. for time managenemt to do work fast and do not pending any work for a life time and do work for a list to do work which one is most urgent work to do its toply recomanded by you and never works items like to meet a discuss with frends for sports person performance and other like politicians performance and do work like life insurnace premium last date or helath insurance premium submit before its last date or general insurance like car insurance and other insurance like to do it very well.
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