Gwen Steffani Is The Prettiest Woman Alive!!!

United States
April 28, 2007 1:41pm CST
First off Gwen Steffani is an extremely talented vocalist. From her music with "No Doubt" and on her solo albums. She really tries to do things that nobody else has done. I really admire her originality. But besides that I think she is the prettiest woman alive. She has amazing features. Her eyes especially. She really milks the Marilyn Monroe look and with the platinum hair color. I think she is especially gorgeous when she wears the crimson red lipstick with a really funky hair-do. She is just an amazingly beautiful woman. And I think she is probably mty bigggest role model.
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@iszo07 (473)
• Malaysia
28 Apr 07
Yeah she is pretty and I love her too. But she ain't the Prettiest Woman Alive. I think Angelina Jolie is...
• United States
28 Apr 07
OMG! it is so funny that you said that, because my second was angelina jolie. I really love all her movies especially "girl interupted" and I think she is the most beautiful in "gia"
@LouisJ (490)
• Turkey
28 Apr 07
no-way avril lavine is the best.stefani isnt all that great.
• United States
28 Apr 07
Not to say that I don't like her music but I think all of Avril's tracks sound the same. And there all about the same stuff over and over again. One debate that gwen would win is her ability to switch it up but still keep her listeners interested. Plus Avril is so far into represting the whole "punk" thing that it looks almost like she's trying too hard. To me I think she needs to jsut be who she is and quit trying to be so punkish. (( yes i made up a word lol))
@remg15 (1)
29 Apr 07
I agree with Gwen being a great singer, artist, solo performer, songwriter. She's very talented but I don't think she's the prettiest woman alive. Don't get me wrong I think Gwen is hot but there are other celebrities out there who are even prettier, like Angelina Jolie for instance. Then again, Angelina isn't pretty, she's a goddess!
• Italy
28 Apr 07
Hi, I love Gwen Stefani! She's beautiful and a great singer. As say LoLoSLoT she really milks the Marilyn Monroe look and with the platinum hair color. My favourite Gwen's song is Cool, it's very sexy! If there are grammatical error, excuse me, I'm not an English man, bye!