Family Values On Roseanne

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April 28, 2007 2:35pm CST
I really love to watch the show Roseanne. I think it's great how it's just about your average ordinary people. And until the episodes after she won the lottery, the plots were all about realistic events that happen to everyday people. I really admire the comedy of it. I think she definately got the point accross that if you have to be able to laugh at yourself and/or the way you do things. I love how much insight you can gain from the show. Especially parentign advice. It shows people how to deal with situations that will msot liekly occur, like teenagers getting depressed (Darlene), and daughters datign and things of that nature. She really reminds me of myself, like how she is so scarcastic about things, even things that are serious. It covers a lot of topics and issues that the average class person will one day encounter. I enjoy watching the show and imagining what I myself would do if put in that situation, most of the tiem I would handle things the same way she does on the show. And the last episode is so sad. You really get to know Roseanne, Dan, Becky, Darlene, D.J., and Jackie. It's almost as if you knwo them in real life. To me thsi is one of america's all tiem greatest shows and I hope it stays on air FOREVER. Plus I never get tired of the re-runs. No matter how many tiems I've watched the same episode over and over again it never gets old to me.
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30 Apr 07
I watch Roseanne as often as I can. I love it. It;s really depressing though that some people hated that show so much. It teaches a lot of great life lessons in the best and worst ways possible. I mean, I was embarrassed for Becky when Dan and Roseanne met Chip. I cried when Darlene almost lost the baby. You feel like you know them so well. It's amazing. You don't find that connection with a tv show anymore.
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1 May 07
Me neither, I have watched it for as long as I can remember and I truly believe that it was one of the greatest shows ever! I agree wtih you on the connection tip. I emotionally responded to their problems as well.
@xreesex (117)
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3 Dec 07
I agree, this is one show that, while I've seen every episode a dozen times, I still watch when it's on and still laugh like crazy, even though I know all the jokes. I think this show was a really great representation of a working class, blue collar, semi dysfunction but totally loving family. Plus, Dan Conner is the sexiest man ever! (not John Goodman, though I think he's adorable. But the character of Dan. Love him through and through).