Prayer brings victory

October 21, 2006 7:06am CST
Children should be taught how to pray? Prayer does'nt meanthat we should go on asking God to grant our needs. Prayer is for thanking God for what He has granted us already. When this kind of impression sticks to the mind of the child,naturally when he become old, he/she will simply be thanking God for all His Mercies. God knows what His child wants and grants the need before asking. Our prayer should glorify Him. I would like to mention here what the World famous boxing champion Mohammed Ali spoke about prayer and thanksgiving. He said 'we should pray and thank God for allowing us to breathe. Every time when we breathe in and breathe out we should thank God for blessing us to do that.' How true it is! When breathing stops that is the end of life. From now on atleast let us stop talking about praying before food and before going to bed. I have developed a habit of praying, I mean thanking God Almighty everytime I am awake during night time. for granting me a new life.
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