Why Diets Don't Work for Women over 40

April 28, 2007 2:45pm CST
If you are a woman over 40, you are probably making a very common mistake in your efforts to lose weight. But if you make a simple change to correct it, you'll start shedding those unwanted pounds. I know -- it happened to me! You see, once we hit 40, our body chemistry changes, and it becomes harder to digest certain foods. This change in digestion has a direct impact on your weight, causing inflammation that packs on pounds, which I refer to as "false fat!" That's why you need diet advice designed especially for women over 40. I'm Susan Lark, M.D., and I put women's needs first. My weight loss approach takes into account the critical changes in body chemistry women over 40 experience. It's easy to get rid of false fat, if you know what foods trigger inflammation. As far as I know, no "diet" has ever done this -- which is why women are getting the results they want from my weight loss plan. You can lose those extra pounds by following my easy tips. Click here to get absolutely free my Three Simple Steps to Thin TODAY -- and begin shedding unwanted pounds right away. You're going to love this
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