Farrakhan a Fraud or a Fighter?

United States
April 28, 2007 9:25pm CST
I believe Minister Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam has got a bum rap. I believe he has extreme value as a fighter for justice. Yet he has been characterized as anti-jewish and racist. I do not believe this is who he is. Maybe at one time he was but he like everyone has evolved. Compared to the things Bush has done he is a gentle soul. I believe Farrakhan is at the end of his days and when he is gone his true legacy will be unveiled. He is the founder of the Million Man March syndrome, which has spurned many different protest across the world. He has not got his just due because he scared the media and the established community but someone needed to scare them because look at the mess the leaders of our country have got us into. Wars around the world. High gas prices at home and stress wherever you turn. I believe the world needs a Million Man March for peace today what do you think?
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@nickventere (1424)
• Zambia
18 Aug 07
Definitely, there is need for Louis Farrakhan approach to some of the woes that this world is going through.