do you make friends and win them?

@fredgame (1261)
April 28, 2007 11:22pm CST
I read this book "HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS AND WIN FRIENDS". making friends is like trying to conform to society, you need to behave the way they like and have some values that they respect. So one can make friends. After making friends, how do you win them? some principles are that you often have to listen to them and talk little. Give good recommendations. Answer their questions that you good answers to them. I have followed some of them and have made success but there are some circumstances when those concerned rather like you to talk more and they listen. I'm a person who doesn't talk so much and it was ever said "if you are a talkative, after the facts then follows the lies". How true is this statement? How can you truly make friends and win them as well? Your opinions are welcome.
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@stevevai (56)
• India
29 Apr 07
wel.makin frnz online is not a wise job as u no nothin abt the person.the only way is 2 socialise wit people n 2 no abt each n every u do dat u wil fin a person who matches wit ur frequecy.dat person is ur rite frn
@ajaleelp (131)
• India
29 Apr 07
Well, i havent read the book but have heard of it. By God's grace i am confident that i am able to make friends and win them.I think this is mainly because of my qyick sense of humour.So they prefer talking to me often.Also,i take time to help them out when they need me.This will make them look forward for me every now and then.