cancellation of contract of agreement

October 21, 2006 8:01am CST
I had hired a real estate agent, to sell a property that i had bought and renovated a few months ago(16 months). I signed the agreement and we left everything up to the agent as anyone would. We decided to advertise our property on the net for a set fee, about a week later i went on the net to check the add and was quite upset to discover that he had made a mistake and instead of advertising the home with two bathrooms had advertised it with one, so i rang him and asked him to change it and a couple of days later he did, i also discovered that the property was ment to be on two web sites and it was only on the one. I did't say anything hoping that they would puick up on their mistake, and since they were somehow friends of ours i did't want to bug them. Other mistakes hapened along the way for example i made it quite clear that i wanted a sign with photos, but instead they put a sign with no photo, i rang the up and asked if they could replase it, the agent said that it was difficult now, so i told him that it was okay, and left it at that. Although i signed the contract with a older male agent, he send outto the inspections him much younger, very new at this daughter to sell a property valued at over five hundred thousand dollars. One day one of my friends went to see the house, and told me that the agent was very "COLD AND APPROFESSIONAL" and stated that were the open inspection signs were placed were very difficult to see because as the home is on a main road cars would park infront of it and behind it which made it very difficult for ppeople to be aware that their was an open inpection there. Today their was another open inspection at my property and as i was going to the house to leave the keys, I saw that another agent just down the road had put one of his open inspection signs on the round about near the home which made his sign very visible. I thourght that was a great idea and asked my agent to do the same as i also had a round about one house down the road. She told me that i was very rude to ask her to do that and went on about how much i bugged her and so forth, I then got angry and told her that i was not happy with her reaction and that we could discuss some things later. After the inspection, she made her sister call me to tell me very blantly, that they were sick and tired of my "nagging" and that on monday they were going to remove the sigh and that the were no longer intrested in conducting business with me. I tried to call back but she would not answer the phone, so i then rang her father, he was the agent i signed my contract with and he was very rude and went on to say that i was "nagging" him and all other things that did't make sense. When i asked when did I nag him and about what he just was very rude and told me personal things that upset me, and ofcourse told me he did't want to do business with me.... If that is the way he fills let it be so...but what i want to know does he have the right to just cancel a contract just like that with no apparent reason?
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21 Oct 06
It depends on what the contract you both sign said about reasons for cancellation. Check with a real estate attorney and you might consider reporting them to the local Board of Realtors. In any event, I certainly wouldn't care to do business with someone that had that attitude. You weren't "nagging" were trying to get them to do their job.