Ever been "dragged" to church?

United States
April 29, 2007 12:31am CST
I just want to know, because I am starting to get sick and tired of it. Have you EVER in your life been "dragged" to church by your family without letting you have a say in it? Because this happened most of the time to me in my life. I want to go to church the way I want to, NOT, because my family said so. This is why i've downloaded, bought, read, studied and collected wealth-creation and moneymaking ebooks, and even buying and/or downloading moneymaking and wealth-creation audio and videos for the day I can finally move out, pay my bills, and live life the way I want to, not the way my family wants me to. Have you ever in your life been dragged to church and your family says you have no say in the matter?
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
8 May 07
Half of my Family has dragged me to churches unwillingly, the other have has forbidden me to go to churches or any type of public gatherings do to my eclectic beliefs... I do not like not being allowed to fully practice my spiritual path, but I do not like not being allowed to go when I am interested, and not allowed to go when I am not.. It is not right.. I know I do not want to go to any church until I learn how to properly behave and what there church sees as appropriate and not...... I am an ordained minister and my family does not want me to practice so most of what I do I do in private or totally alone... So I been trying to earn money to own my own home and land and hold private Circles there.. for our ceremonies..... As well as to be able to oust some very abusive family members out of my home.... I think it is unfair not to allow you or anyone a say in the matter... Religion or Spirituality should not be forced on people, or kept from people... All my family cares about is as long as I work with the weather spirits in their favorite, or help heal this or that... My family situation is not the best situation.. It's improved.. but I do not get the respect nor do I get treated like a living being like I should... take care, - DNatureofDTrain
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