john cena

April 29, 2007 12:56am CST
john cena is better than khaali or not????
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• India
29 Apr 07
i dont think so that john cena is better than khali i a cena fan but i dont think so that he is bettre than the great khalli
@redfang (969)
29 Apr 07
I don't think it takes much for any wrestler to be better than khali really, khali is just a big mamoth and this thing of it takes a monster truck to even hurt him is just ridiculous, if khali is that great then he would be owning all the titles by now which in the manner they portray him he could dominate any wrestler he wanted, cena on the other hand has the in ring pressence, he has the look of a champion, he is a crowd pleaser, he has some wrestling skill where as khali has none of these atributes. I could never understand why they would bring osmeone like khali into wwe but i guess he's there and not moving anywhere for now i just don't bother watching matches with him in them because i don't like him one bit, wasn't giant gonzalez about the same height as khali? and built almost as big? but he was never portrayed in the way khali is undertaker used to make short work of gonzalez and it made him beatable which is something every wrestler needs if they can't be beaten whats the point in them being around?