God of War `2`

United States
April 29, 2007 1:09am CST
Oh mother of Hera! What an awsome game. There was violence. There was gore. There was tie in's with the previos game. There was even a bit of deviance to piss off hardcore fans that don't like any discrepency! Yes, this has to be one of the all time great games right up there with Zelda: Orcarina of time. The better selection of weapons is a deffenite plus. The hammer has the apeal of the big blade from the first game but also some of the power from the enemy hammers, and also ties in a bit of souls of the damned from the first game. Very nifty. Even the way you get the weapon is more interesting than the big blade. Hard earned is hardcool. And there are other weapons but if you want to know of those, play the game you bum. As for the bosses... They heard us. Three bosses just is not good enough. Not at all. They gave us more bosses that were more interesting. XD You even get to go INSIDE a boss and see what makes him tick. Though that boss should go to the vet because it has some kind of aggresive infestation. Yes, a joke. The puzzles are a bit more challengeing in some areas but if you're good at the Zelda puzzles, you'll pass through these just fine. Just remember the river flows in a circle. Only hint you're getting from me. But overall i think they did good. The only complaint I have is the flying aspect of the game came over a bit weak. Not talking about the personal flight of course, I mean when you get to ride a pegasus type horse. It felt like a cheap sidescroller for a second there. It would have been nice if they made some more interesting opponints to fight, possibly some kind of winged minion of Hades. Overall I loved this game. I fully recomend it to any who are in the market for a good PS2 game to vegitate on. It's got decent replay value, the plot isnt horribly thin, and the challenge of the titans is decently hard. XD And the extra costumes... See them for yourself.
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@13days (98)
• India
30 Apr 07
wow god of war 2 has been launched....i am gonna get it...thanks for te information cool game GOW 1 was....:) is it on ps2???? i heard it would come on te next gen ps..i.e ps3
• United States
8 May 07
God of War 2 is available on PS2. My husband has already beat it, and I'm almost to the end. I did hear, however, that the 3rd one will be on PS3 only?