Do you mind discussing how much money you make or how much purchases cost?

April 29, 2007 2:36am CST
Are you that open minded that you don't mind discussing about how much money you make or how much your purchases cost? On these questions I'm a bit defensive. I don't tell it accurately. I either tell it low or high than the actual cost. It also depends on the situation and the person I'm telling to. I'm just not comfortable telling what I make. How about you my friend?
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@letzap519 (408)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
for me it doesn't matter if i discuss how much i earn but i'm not comfortable discussing how much i spent... coz i'm the bread winner in my family now and yes i'm in charge to financial matters... i can only discuss this matter with my mom (my bestfriend) but to other people... no...i remembered one of my office mate asked if why i'm so strict regarding my payroll coz i really count the hours credited and my overtime and i'm ready to dispute it to our accounting department if there are lacking hours.. i just told her coz i need it.. ^_^
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@horsesrule (1960)
• United States
29 Apr 07
I think that the exact dollar amount of how much we make is no one's business but our own. I don't like talking about it either, it's no one's business but mine. Now if one of my best friends or my daughter asked, them I don't mind telling exact dollar amounts to. They tell me theirs if they feel like because I don't ask. Now my mother, her I don't want to give exact dollar amounts to. She acts very weird about money. Her and my dad really love money, it's kind of weird how they act about it. Money is a very personal subject. Anyone who asks you what you make or how much something cost you has absolutely no manners whatsoever. They are just plain rude.
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