what do you do when you're feeling low?

April 29, 2007 2:48am CST
the happiest person on earth isnt always happy. yet, peaceful, relaxed people, when they are feeling good are very grateful. they understand that feelings come and go. there will come a time hen they wont be feeling so good. to happy people, its the way of things. so, when they are feeling low, they relate to that feeling with the same openness and wisdom, knowing this, too, shall pass. when i'm feeling low, i just savor the pain, the loneliness, because i know that sometime soon, it will end and i will be back with my normal life. :) what about you? how do you deal when you're feeling low?
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• Singapore
29 Apr 07
Unfortunately we all have to face some times of sadness in life. Usually I'd try to talk to friends. Some are really good at making me feel better. Sometimes they'd take me out shopping, ie retail therapy. That's great too. At other times, I'd just put on some aromatherapy oil and then try to rest a while. That helps too.
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
i usually lock myself in my room and read books about life.... or write all the things that makes me sad and try to see where i have been and what wrong i have done
@smkwan2007 (1036)
• Hong Kong
29 Apr 07
When I feel sad , I try to make myself happy. first I would take a walk. After 10 minutes walk, my mind will become calm and comfortable than I watch DVD, and browse in the big shop to see the latest products.