April 29, 2007 2:54am CST
What do we know about India? Not much people wants to go to India. But for me, there is a lot of amazing place to visit even I haven't been there. Taj Mahal, Gangga's river, the culture, Bodhgaya etc. So, who have been there, can help me to describe the interest place and why people should go to India. Every place have a secret that can make us enjoy in the trip
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• India
29 Apr 07
yes India is damn good a place. 1.the culture is the one you will ahve to admire. 2. the holybplaces like ganga,rishikes,dwaraka and much more 3. the himalayas - you ahve to go there to see what enjoyment you get out of it 4. the helping tendency in people to ehlp others even on teh road ...this you wont find it anywhere
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• Malaysia
29 Apr 07
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