The Leaping Dollar

@tommy408 (361)
April 29, 2007 5:07am CST
After about three months trying several opportunities, making mistakes, learning from them, doing thing the right way, continue learning and trying new things, I have started making some steady income from online-sources. Not yet enough to sustain myself without a day job. But, certainly approaching it. It's been only three month, mind you. I've tried several path, the one I hated most is definitely PayTo sites. They pay pittance for entirely useless stuff. And some turns out to be scamers just before we actually reach the minimum payout. The bugger! PaidTo forums are a bit better. Even if the pay rates are quite low, at least we contribute something. We write our opinions. We communicate with people. There is actually some sort of earning our keep. Then there is HYIP investments. I've learned to analize HYIP sites critically and could now somehow predict near accurately how long a site will pay. I can now make smart guesses and get in programs right on time and get out right in time, making profits along the way. I do slip one or twice now. But since I do test spend, I don't actually lose much. My all time favorite is Cash Matrix. It where you pay to get in and find other people. Whenever people get in under you, you get paid. Its fun. Just like affiliate marketing but without the product to sell and much much cheaper rate. With high return possibilities too. You can expect residual income for very very long duration from this type of investment. I've joined a few. And I can guarantee you, if you really work for it, you can get back your capital within days and make profit ever after!!! I just join one such program. The capital is so very low, just $2!!! Yeah. you can join with just two dollars. And after you join and made payment, the admin will jump start your business by sending your link to 21 million prospects by email. I got back my $2 with nice profit in just a couple of days!!! Without doing anything. Then I started emailing friends and families and I am getting continuous leaping dollars in my account. How's that for an income? Are you interested? Check out
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