@maiax2k6 (535)
April 29, 2007 8:11am CST
who's your favorite cartoon character and why is that? what does it say about you, or what is it in this character that you can relate to very much like yourself?
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• India
1 May 07
my favorite cartoon character is dexter.cos he is so intelligent and he has his own lab. so that is what I like him
@akinad (448)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
well, i like spongebob squarepants..yeah,i sometimes can relate to him..because he's lots of fun!!he's a little off sometimes and dumb i guess..that i CAN'T RELATE but what i really like about him is that he just enjoys life!!
@aeyjey (170)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
i really like sponge bob squarepants, he is so funny and cute..i also like tom and jerry they are really funny
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
29 Apr 07
Tom and Jerry. Or the old Russian variat "The cat Leopold".I am this old and friendly cat what allways forgives Jerry -but he struggles with him all the time:-)
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
1 Feb 08
Like many people, they have a favorite cartoon character and they can relate that character to their self. My favorite cartoon character are Tom and Jerry. For me, they have a good tandem and most wackiest and funniest character in cartoon world. I love the character they portrait the move and more particular action they do every cartoon series they have.
@shoelover (896)
• Australia
29 Apr 07
Mine would definately have to be the Tassie Devil. He is so cute and zips around everywhere in a frenzy. He reminds me so much of myself as I rarely seem to sit still. Though I'm not as grumpy as he is lol.