As a mother do you beliebe in Hillay clinton when she speaks?

hillary clinton - will she be president?
@bornraf (229)
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April 29, 2007 9:40am CST
Hillary clinton is a mother as you are. you have at least something in common. As a mother do you believe her when she speaks out?? Ia m interested in your opinion about how credible is she. We tend to not beieve what polititians say since we have been lied so many times by them......
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29 Apr 07
I don't look at Hillary Clinton as a mother. I find it hard to look at her as anything beyond a "career politician". Even when her daughter was young, much of the actual parenting was done by nanny's and other staff. Hillary is about as two-faced as they come in Washington. I didn't care for her as a first lady and I don't care for her now. She hasn't accomplished much if anything for the State of NY as a senator, what do you think she will accomplish in the White House. She doesn't answer questions directly, but side-steps them to other issues. That's pretty dishonest and a blow to the intelligence of the American people. No, I won't be voting for Hillary.