No Mery On Our Kids

United States
April 29, 2007 9:50am CST
A 12 year little boy, a good student a youth leader in his church and a first class boy scout is being treated as a criminal. It wasn't until he'd gotten inside the school building that he remembered his pocketknife was still in his coat. Why would a sixth grader carry a knife? Because he was a Boy Scout and he'd brought it to his last Scout meeting. After asking a friend what to do, the boy decided to keep quiet and hide the knife in his locker until the end of the day. But his friend mentioned the knife to a teacher and the school officials called the police. That afternoon the police arrested the boy and took him to a juvenile detention center. From this point on the boy's life and family's lives were flipped upsidedown. The boy was susspended from school for 45 days and enrolled in an alternative school for juvenile offenders, the place was like a boot camp. He was so miserable he sometimes talked about suicide. Are schools overreacting to any behavior with a whiff of danger or controversy?
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• Philippines
29 Apr 07
this is too much. i will never see the logic for having done somehting like this. and to think that this is only a first offense. these people are such unthinking, uncaring, and good for nothing louts. and they call themselves the autorities. what kind of authorities are they?