if u have a choise to chose any one from [[[[[ dog & cat]]]]] than what

cat & dog - dog & cat
@nitindx (283)
April 29, 2007 10:04am CST
did u chose & why explain with reasones if i have to chose than i go to dog bec the r more friendly in comparison with cat & also have sharp mind to!!!!!!!!!
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@deepti15 (1190)
• India
30 Apr 07
I will chosse none of the above mentioned pets. I mean neither the cat nor the dog, I would choose none of them. See, I dont hate them, it is just that I dont like to keep them as pets. To curb the freedom of a meek submissive harmless creature is something I can never do. I respect people who shelter them, love them, but I am not able to bring myself to do that, so I would choose none of them. Apart from that I am a bit scared of both Cats and Dogs.
@maucute (980)
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
I would love to be a dog.. =) They are so cute and cuddly, plus they are man's best friend. They love to play around with people and love to go swimming which is quite me.. One thing also because they have a keen sense of smell, they would know if some thing's wrong..
• Philippines
29 Apr 07
id say dogs, Dog owners tend to feel less afraid of being a victim of crime when walking their dogs or having a dog in the home. DOgs definitely shows more affection compared to cats :P