Y my hamster keep eating & eating?

April 29, 2007 11:33am CST
I had bought my guinea pig a month ago, n I knew he is afraid to be us still, it started to make itself comfortable. But strange thing, it eat a lot for a mouse. It getting fatter each day. I donno it is like tat, or is it sick?
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• Philippines
30 Apr 07
no, is not tat or sick it is just an hobby os a guinea pig or an hamster
• Malaysia
30 Apr 07
Oh really?! I'm glad to hear that.. I begin to worry as he is growing fatter and fatter! =P
• Philippines
1 May 07
i have a cousin whom has a guinea pig and when i saw it, it was really big! like chiuaua. very very fat! was really amazed on ow guinea pig became that big! but it was cute ;) but if you're really concious about his/her health or figure... you can let her walk (outside the cage) sometime, just watch for her/him